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Move past your limiting beliefs and whatever is holding you back - be it anxiety, depression, or anything else and achieve anything you set your mind to.

Lets be honest...

We've all accepted anxiety, stress and depression as an acceptable part of our everyday lives. We get stuck into our 9 to 5, barely feel at peace or joyful about our existence. We question our worth and look outward for answers to our problems with little to no success. Do you want to know the truth? Everything you need to live the life you want, and should want is already inside of you.

Let me help you get there.

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Sarah Michaels

Breathwork Facilitator, Trainer & Confidence/Anxiety Coach

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About Us

Let's heal the world, one breath at a time

After my first breathwork session, I was hooked. I started exploring this practice and learned that it's been around for thousands of years, helping people become more in touch with their inner selves. I learned that there are many benefits that come from breathwork, including better mental clarity, decreased stress, better immune system and finding inner peace!

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Why is breathwork so important?

Breathwork is the most powerful tool for healing and transformation.

Breathwork is a practice that is designed to improve our physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Breathwork can help us heal, transform and let us feel empowered and joyful about life; which has never been more important given the rising suicide rates, stress, anxiety, and depression that has become so prevalent in our society today.



Australians attempt suicide everyday.



Australians commit suicide daily.



Of Australians aged 16-85 have experienced a mental disorder during their lifetime.

What we do

With the power of our unique brand of private and group breathwork healing, coaching sessions and courses, we help you release limiting beliefs, anxiety & depression, improve self-awareness and help you find more purpose and direction in your life.

1 on 1 Sessions

Feeling stressed or anxious? Need clarity and guidance? Are you lacking focus, motivation or just feeling a bit flat? Book a one on one breathwork or coaching session with me and let's unpack.

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Our group coaching, online and in-person breathwork sessions are designed to help you let go of old beliefs, patterns, and negative energy, to bring forth your absolute best self.

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Breathwork Course

Enroll in our online breathwork course and become a certified breathwork facilitator in two easy steps, all from the comfort of your mobile phone. Enroll today!

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What do our clients say

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5 pink stars in a row

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Katherine Ohanian

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

Sarah is absolutely amazing. She provides such a safe and welcoming space for you to feel comfortable to express yourself fully. I have never felt so able to just be with my self and be with my emotions. A truly life changing experience. I cannot recommend this enough to anyone. If you are looking for a Breathwork Facilitator in Melbourne, you just go to experience Sarah for yourself💜

Fanny Bourreau

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

I loved this event. The Melbourne breath work session with Sarah was really amazing. I felt so safe and held with love and compassion allowing me to be vulnerable and open.

Sarah Waddell

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

I can’t thank Sarah enough for Sunday. It was my first time doing anything like this and I could feel the amazing energy as soon as I walked in. Tears already building in my eyes right away and I don’t really know why. The space was so supportive. Thank you for allowing me the space to fully surrender to the experience. So much more to do. Over these past 2 years I think I’m most grateful for finding you. She's the best breathwork facilitator in Melbourne. You’ll be seeing more of me in the future and I can’t wait! Thank you with all my heart 💜

Petra McLoughlin

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

Woweee! I had never done Breathwork before, but I was keen to try. Sarah is the PERFECT person to do this with as a novice and I'm sure as a pro - I felt completely supported and encouraged to jump in. Seriously, don't think twice, do it. And do it with Sarah would be my advice :) Highly Highly Highly recommend, so much so I'm going to be a regular attendee.

Kate Savic

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

I had a breath-work session with Sarah from Elated You and it was the most profound experience, I walked out feeling like a brand new woman. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a breathwork facilitator in Melbourne! The amount of love and care I felt from her, I just felt so safe and comfortable to be myself. After a facial, we got into the breathwork for anxiety and depression session which took around 2 and a bit hours. An amazing experience that you have to experience for yourself, beyond words ❤

Andrew Elias

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

Sarah is phenomenal at her craft. She made me feel super comfortable right from the start! Explained everything in thorough detail and I left feeling a weight had been taken off my shoulders. Thanks a million 😊

Krystle Petrovski

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

I love her online Breathwork for healing session’s and adore the convenience of doing it on zoom, from comfort of my own home. Sarah is a fabulous breathwork facilitator from Melbourne, I feel safe & well looked after in her presence, with her guidance I always have extraordinary emotion shifts, feeling grounded and lighter afterwards. Sarah is who I trust.

Tonia Salatas

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

Wow!!! I’m in deep gratitude for the space Sarah held for me in her AMAZING Breathwork Session. To be honest leading up to my appointment I didn’t know what to expect, but I was soon welcomed in her beautiful safe space and was guided with her passionate loving heart! Through our breathwork for anxiety session I was able to connect with myself, move through so much trauma, release and heal, it truly is an experience like no other. I was actually blown away with Sarah’s work, what my body and mind experienced and how much abundance and freedom i received! Thank you Sarah, I look forward to our next session x 🙏🏻

Johna Kapoor

Melbourne, Victoria

5 pink stars in a row

For me the experience was one in a million that took my inner me to another realm. I learnt so much about me and protecting me and learning to love me. Sarah is the utter most experienced healer I have or will ever know. I have done years of counselling and never have I ever felt this way. Never have I experienced what I did today with Sarah. I swear if anyone needs healing and re-birthing your inner child, you have got to contact Sarah and make that step today. I am 49 and as of today I am finally living physically, mentally and emotionally. A lot of years of living with shame and guilt but no longer. I am beautiful and I am a warrior.

Damian Morabito

Melbourne, Australia

5 pink stars in a row

When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Working with Sarah is a blessing. She has a beautiful way of coaching, teaching how to look at situations from different angles to help my healing. I’ve worked with Sarah for over 6 months and absolutely recommend anyone fighting their demons, having personal challenges or just what to grow and develop reach out to her. If you are looking for a fantastic Melbourne Breathwork Facilitator, Sarah is my go to!! Thankyou Sarah x

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