Breathwork Strategies to Alleviate Your Depression

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Depression is a mental health condition with a wide range of symptoms and effects.

It can range from feeling sad or unmotivated, to feeling completely incapacitated and unable to function. Severe depression can even lead to physical changes in the brain, such as inflammation. Treatment for depression is varied and can range from simple techniques like deep breathing to more intensive medical treatment.

Breathing exercises can be incredibly useful in helping people to stay energised, content and out of a gloomy mood. Even if one is just feeling 'blue', these techniques can be employed to raise their spirits. It is wise to include breathing exercises in a comprehensive plan for managing depression, regardless of the severity. 

Doctors may suggest exercise, socialising and engaging in positive activities for those with serious depression; these are all effective methods, but breathing exercises should be given no less attention. Here are some breathwork techniques that may help with your depression:

Triangular Breathing

Controlled breathing can help lift energy and reduce feelings of depression. To do this, breathe in for a count of four, hold the breath for up to four (as long as it is comfortable), and breathe out for a count of four. Doing this for several rounds can help lift energy and make you think more clearly about the best way to reduce depression.

Armpit Breathing

If you feel down, try lifting your arms to the sky and exposing your armpits. Inhale deeply, and as you do, raise your arms until they reach their highest point and your armpits are exposed. Then, exhale slowly while bringing your arms back down to their original starting place. Repeat this process a few times. Doing this often helps me to crack a smile, even when I'm feeling down. It's a simple way to open your body and raise your spirits.

When someone is feeling down and lacks energy or motivation, it can be hard to make an effort to do something to make themselves feel better. Armpit breathwork is an easy way to try something new and might help to lift their mood. By trying to give it a go, they can keep it in mind and use it when needed.

Passive Supported Resting Breathing

Resting can help with depression. Lie on a blanket or two large towels folded into a rectangle, facing upwards with your spine along the blanket and your head also on the blanket. Let your arms rest on the floor to your sides, palms facing up. Do the full breath for several rounds and then relax, allowing your breathing to follow its rhythm.

Gently move onto your right side and stay there briefly before getting up.

In Closing

By taking time out of your day to focus on your breath, you can experience a greater sense of well-being, improved mood, and increased energy. Breathing exercises can restore balance and create a sense of calm, allowing you to take a break from the day's worries.

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