Why Breathwork Is So Powerful – Mind, Body and Spirit

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When I first heard about breathwork, I heard that it can be one of the most powerful things that someone can do for themselves.

The thing is, breathwork is so much more than just breathing. It is a combination of breathing techniques combined with relaxation. It is so much more powerful than just breathing. Breathwork is holistic, meaning that it works with the mind, body, and soul. This blog will look at why breathwork is so powerful, and how it benefits your mind, body and soul.

Breathwork for your Mind

Deep breathing can also help calm and slow down all that emotional turbulence within your own mind, creating an effective way to confront buried emotions, traumas, anxieties, fears, grudges etc––to release yourself from their grip on your physical being. Deep breathing was often used by people who have mental health issues as a way to focus their mind, however, it is becoming more mainstream with people from all walks of life practising breathwork. In addition to this, breathwork helps clear up your thoughts and keeps your focus strong – It is one of the most important things that anyone can do to raise self-awareness.

Breathwork for your Body

We now know how the mind benefits from breathwork, but how does it heal the body. If you have ever completed a breathwork session,  you would know the effects are pretty much immediate. With energy free flowing all over your body and having that sense of calmness makes it hard to feel any pain. When can activate our parasympathetic nervous system when we breathe rapidly to calm ourselves. When this is activated, your heart rate slows down and improves your blood pressure, keeping your cortisol and adrenaline down. So the next time you feel stressed, breathe in, hold and breathe out for 7 seconds each. This technique should be exercised slowly and consciously and put you in a state of calm quickly.

Breathwork for your Spirit

Breathwork can also benefit your spirit. Engaging in breathwork can help individuals go beyond their usual selves and connect with their true identities. It allows you to tap into your inner self and can activate a substance called DMT which is something that us humans can produce that creates a mind-altering experience. When DMT is activated, you may see visions that can how you who you are and what purpose you serve. The breath is one of the most powerful parts of our being, and with breathwork, you can really release a lot of what’s held inside. If you’re interested in incorporating some breathing techniques into your life to help you relax, feel better, and breathe more deeply, be sure to book in a Free Discovery Session.

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