Breathwork: A Transformative Practice for Mental Health and Well-being

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Breathwork is a holistic practice that is used to heal you from mental health issues. By breathing in a certain way, it can create a profound impact on your mental health and can diminish symptoms of depression, stress and anxiety

In this blog, we will explore the impact that breathwork has on prenatal depression and anxiety and look at the science that supports it's effectiveness.

Breathwork and Depression Treatment

Depression is something that affects millions of people all over the world. No matter who you are, you would have experienced some form of depression at some point in your life, but the good news is, breathwork has been found to have a massive impact on depression treatment.  

A study found that Sudarshan Kriya yoga, which is a breathing-based meditation practice, helped alleviate severe depression in people who weren’t responsive to antidepressant treatments

Another study that was published in PubMed, found that low-intensity stretching and breathing exercises can and will reduce post-natal depression.

Breathwork and Prenatal Depression

Prenatal depression is another form of depression that affects approximately 10% of women during pregnancy. This is a condition that can affect women during pregnancy and after childbirth. Symptoms can range from being mild to severe, and in some cases, it could be severe enough to put mum and baby at risk.  

Thankfully, a recent study of 375 pregnant women with prenatal depression found that prenatal yoga, which involves breathwork, may be helpful in decreasing maternal depressive symptoms.

Their diagnoses for depression was determined by their scores on the Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-IV and the Center for Epidemiological Studies Depression Scale. When compared with comparison groups that had support groups and standard prenatal care, the level of depression was reduced significantly in yoga groups.

Breathwork and Anxiety Treatment

Anxiety is another common mental health condition that affects so many people around the world. I remember being hooked on medication and riddled with anxiety before discovering breathwork. The good news is, science has found that breathwork is no longer just a pseudoscience, but a great alternative for anxiety treatment.

A study that was published in Scientific Reports found that practicing breathing exercises decreases stress, anxiety and improves your overall mental health and well-being. 

A review published in Choosing Therapy found that breathwork can also regulate your mood, sharpen attention and improve concentration.


Based off these recent studies, there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind the effectiveness of breathwork for our overall well-being. The science has proven that breathwork is an excellent tool to be used for depression treatment, prenatal depression, and anxiety treatment.

It is a safe and effective way to improve mental health and well-being, and the best part is… It’s free!

If you are looking for a breathwork coach to help you with the above conditions or feel a calling to heal others, consider our online breathwork facilitator training. We can provide you with the skills and knowledge that you need to lead one on one, group and online breathwork sessions… And even help you build your business.

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