Navigating Grief with Breathwork

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When we experience grief, it feels like our world has been shattered into a million pieces. The feeling of a heavy heart challenges our emotional well-being, leaving us feeling empty and searching for answers

As a Breathwork Coach, I have witnessed first-hand the power of inner healing and the role breathwork plays in supporting people on their healing journey. In this blog, we’ll dive-in and talk about navigating grief, discuss new depression treatments and the profound impact that breathwork has.

Understanding Grief and Embracing Inner Healing:

At some point of our lives, we will all experience grief in one way or another. It is the price that we pay for having love, care, and compassion in our hearts. However, healing from grief is different for everyone, and it requires you to acknowledge and feel through your emotions before the process of inner healing starts. It is during this this time that we begin to look for solutions to our pain so we can finally feel restore our emotional well-being.

So, how do we do that?

Enter Breathwork: A Path to Transformation:

For me and so many others, breathwork has been amazing at helping individuals navigate grief and releasing pent up emotions. It allows you to process pain and move towards healing. Just by breathing in a conscious way, we can connect with our bodies, quiet our minds, and tap into our inner wisdom…Even as a seasoned Breathwork Coach, I am still fascinated how powerful our breath really is.

Breathwork as a Catalyst for Healing:

The beautiful thing about breathwork is its ability to transcend words and touch the core of our being. Through conscious breathing, we can create a space for emotions to surface, be expressed and released. It is in this gentle surrender to our breath that we can access the depths of our emotions, honoring the love and memories we carry for those we have lost.

New Avenues: Exploring New Depression Treatments:

When it comes to mental health, grief is often accompanied by mental illness such as depression. It is imperative that we understand the impact that grief can have on our emotional well-being, and see the need for support and treatment. In addition to modern-day therapies, there have been plenty of advancements in the field of mental health, with new depression treatments offering hope and relief for those on their healing journeys.

For example, breathwork has been instrumental in reducing symptoms of depression. There have been many studies that have proven breathwork can and will improve your mental health.

The Power of Inner Healing and Breathwork:

While it is great to see that new depression treatments are offering hope, it is important to remember that the approach to healing is nota one size fits all process. It takes time to heal, however, incorporating modalities such as breathwork in to your life can open the door to self-discovery, growth, and resilience, fast-tracking the healing process.


As a Melbourne based Breathwork Instructor living in Australia, I can safely say that Breathwork has changed my life and the lives of my clients. It is a powerful tool that allows us to unpack our emotions, connect with our inner selves, and find relief amidst the pain. If you are someone reading this that is looking for alternative treatments for healing depression, consider breathwork as part of your treatment.

Also, If you feel called to learn more about breathwork and want to become a Breathwork Coach, join our online Breathwork Facilitator training program where I will take you by the hand to provide you with the knowledge, skills, and support you need to become a certified Breathwork Instructor.

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