Unraveling the Mystery: Why People Scream During Breathwork Classes

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Ever been in a breathwork class and suddenly someone let out a scream? You might of gotten a shock, but I'm here to tell you that there is a whole lot of good going on in that moment. In this blog , we will be exploring why people scream during a breathwork class

If you have ever completed a breathwork session, you know that it is more than just breathing in and out.

It's a way to release pent up energy that no longer serves.

Sometimes, that energy is a bunch of emotions looking for a way out.

That's why screaming can be so effective.

Letting out a belter of a scream is a healthy way to push out that stagnant energy, stress, sadness, or anger, and it's a sign of some serious healing, which is why I wanted to become a breathwork facilitator.

When I was first trying to complete my Breathwork Facilitator Training, I was so confused by the whole idea of screaming.

I used to think that screaming during breathwork is a sign that something terrible is going to happen.

It was only after my breathwork training, I realised it's actually the opposite.

Those screams are all about letting go and finding peace.

And no, it's not scary or harmful; it's a natural, healthy part of the process.

Which brings me to the importance of having your breathwork sessions facilitated by a certified breathwork coach.

A breathwork coach can guide you on your breathwork journey and help you navigate those big emotions and make sure you feel safe and supported, especially if a scream comes out.

It's all part of the breathwork training they go through to become a facilitator.

Screaming is such an important part of breathwork.

When we scream during a session, a good, hearty scream can help you let out all the stuff that no longer serves you, and make the breathwork session even more powerful.

Give it a go in your next session :)

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