Now Be Honest, Is Breathwork Dangerous?

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Despite its growing popularity, there is some confusion and misconception surrounding breathwork and its safety, leading many to ask the question "is breathwork dangerous?"

The truth lies somewhere in between, as breathwork is meant for everyone, unless you have the following conditions:

Cardiac conditions: Anyone with heart issues should avoid certain types of breathwork, as the practice can increase your heart rate and blood pressure.

Respiratory conditions: If you suffer from any condition that restricts your breathing, seek medical first as certain breathing techniques can be an added strain on the lungs.

Pregnancy: It is not recommended for pregnant women to o breathwork, as some techniques can increase the risk of premature labor or harm the fetus.

Psychological conditions: People with acute psychological conditions such as schizophrenia should also be cautious when practicing breathwork, as some techniques can trigger symptoms and make their condition worse.

Despite the above, breathwork is generally considered safe for most people. I can tell you now that nothing has helped me more on my healing journey than breathwork.

Please ensure that if you are new to breathwork, practice under the guidance of a trained breathwork instructor. A facilitator can help you practice breathwork correctly and safely.

As you can probably tell, I am a massive advocate for breathwork and believe that all people should try this fantastic modality.So in an attempt to sell you the idea of breathwork even more, Here are a some reasons why breathwork is not dangerous:

It's natural process: Breathing is a natural process that our bodies perform automatically, so when we practice breathwork, we are simply manipulating the way we breathe in a controlled and intentional manner. This makes it a safe and accessible practice for most people.

It's non-invasive: You don't need any tools or equipment with Breathwork. Just lie down and get started.

It can be adjusted to individual needs: Different types of breathwork can be modified to suit individual needs and abilities. This means that people with various health conditions can still reap the benefits of breathwork by adapting their practice to their own needs.

It can provide immediate relief: The effects of breathwork can be felt immediately after the first session. No matter how you feel before a session, you will always feels better when you're done.


Breathwork can pretty much be done by anyone, unless you have pre-existing medical conditions. Breathwork is safe, non-invasive and proven to help people heal.

So, is breathwork dangerous? I think not.

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